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Determinants of Nursing Staff Engagement in Nursing Care in Slovenia



Understanding employee engagement enables management to increase the connection between the employee and the mission of the work organization. Employee engagement is linked to high employee satisfaction and, at the same time, high performance in work organizations.


The aim of the study is to develop a theoretical model of the determinants of employee engagement in nursing, to illustrate the complex problem of employee engagement in nursing in Slovenia, and to examine and identify the factors that influence the strengthening of employee engagement.


This review was guiding using preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses review protocol incorporating the research guestion of “What are the most important factors of nursing staff engagement in nursing care in Slovenia?” The databases used in this review include Scopus, PubMed, COBISS, CINAH, and MedLine.


Based on the analysis of scientific articles and monographs, we developed a theoretical model of the determinants of employee engagement in nursing, which we classified into six subcategories: Management, leadership, communication, education, career development, and quality nursing service.


The impact of engagement factors on employees in work organizations is reflected in more engaged and better quality service delivery, lower absenteeism, higher employee satisfaction, and greater effort in different areas of work.

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