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Probiotics and Prebiotics as Dietary Supplements for the Adjunctive Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes


In modern lifestyles, high-fat diets and prolonged inactivity lead to more people developing type 2 diabetes (T2D). Based on the modern pathogenesis of T2D, food, and its components have become one of the top concerns for patients. Recent studies have found that dysbiosis and gut-related inflammation are more common in T2D patients. Probiotics and prebiotics play complementary roles in the gut as dietary supplements. Together, they may help improve dysbiosis and intestinal inflammation in people with T2D, increase the production of blood glucose-lowering hormones such as incretin, and help reduce insulin resistance and lower blood glucose. Therefore, changing the dietary structure and increasing the intake of probiotics and prebiotics is expected to become a new strategy for the adjuvant treatment of T2D.

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