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Growth Inhibition of Phytopathogenic Fungi and Oomycetes by Basidiomycete Irpex lacteus and Identification of its Antimicrobial Extracellular Metabolites


In dual culture confrontation assays, basidiomycete Irpex lacteus efficiently antagonized Fusarium spp., Colletotrichum spp., and Phytophthora spp. phytopathogenic strains, with growth inhibition percentages between 16.7–46.3%. Antibiosis assays evaluating the inhibitory effect of soluble extracellular metabolites indicated I. lacteus strain inhibited phytopathogens growth between 32.0–86.7%. Metabolites in the extracellular broth filtrate, identified by UPLC-QTOF mass spectrometer, included nine terpenes, two aldehydes, and derivatives of a polyketide, a quinazoline, and a xanthone, several of which had antifungal activity. I. lacteus strain and its extracellular metabolites might be valuable tools for phytopathogenic fungi and oomycete biocontrol of agricultural relevance.

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