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The Regularities of Phase and Structural Transformation in Binary Titanium Alloys with Metals of IV—VIII Groups of the Periodic Table

   | Sep 23, 2008


Martensitic β→α′(α″) and β→ω transformation in a series of Ti-base alloys with transition metals of groups IV-VIII have been investigated using the techniques of X-ray diffraction, optical and transmission electron microscopy. Phase and structural information is given on the non-equilibrium and metastable modifications occurring in these alloys during quenching from high-temperature β-field and aging. The conditions of the orthorhombic ″-phase, ω-phase and metastable β-phase formation in binary titanium-base alloys with d-metals of V-VIII groups were investigated. It was established that the position of the alloying metal in the Periodic Table defines the presence or absence of the ″-phase in the alloy after quenching and the minimum concentration of the alloying metal necessary for formation of the ″-phase, ω-phase and metastable β-phase.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials