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Synthesis of glue used for the purpose of sticking plastics on the base of Cyklopol process waste fraction


The utilization of monohydric alcohols waste fraction from the Cyklopol process was studied. On the basis of this fraction the solvent, which mainly contains acetic acid esters, was synthesized. Tests of the application of the obtained solvent as a base of glue for plastics were carried out and it was found out that it could be used to stick PMMA together. In the case of PS, PET, PC or PVC slightly weaker sticking properties of this solvent also occurred. The glue joint characteristics in the case of PMMA were similar to those obtained for the glue joints that were made with the use of the commercially available glue used for this plastic. The additional advantage of our glue is its nice fruity smell.

The obtained results enable us to establish the possibility of waste alcohol fraction management as a raw material for the production of glue for plastic. The esterification method proposed in the work can be a good way of management of waste alcohol fractions naturally occurring during cyclohexanone production.

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