The preparation method and the activity of the TiO2-P25/N doped photocatalyst based on commercial titanium dioxide (TiO2 Aeroxide® P-25 Degussa, Germany) are presented. For the TiO2-P25/N preparation TiO2-P25 and gaseous ammonia were kept in a pressure reactor (10 bars) for 4 hours at the temperature of 200°C. This modification process changed the chemical structure of the TiO2 surface. The formation of NH4+ groups was confirmed by the FTIR measurements. Two bands in the range of ca. 1430 - 1440 cm-1 attributed to bending vibrations of NH4+ could be observed on the FTIR spectra of the catalysts modified with ammonia and the band attributed to the hydroxyl groups at 3300 - 3500 cm-1, which were not reduced after N-doping. The photocatalytic activity of the photocatalysts was checked through the decomposition of two dyes under visible light irradiation. The modified TiO2 thus prepared samples were more active than TiO2-P25 for the decomposition of dyes under visible light irradiation.

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