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20 Mar 2000
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Inventory Routing Analysis for Maritime LNG Supply of German Ports

Published Online: 22 Feb 2021
Page range: 67 - 86
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First Published
20 Mar 2000
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

After the implementation of Emission Control Areas (ECA) in Northern Europe in 2015, ship operators have to decide for new compliance methods. Among different abatement technologies, also the use of LNG as maritime fuel is one option. Hence, the number of LNG-fueled vessels plying in North Sea and Baltic Sea is growing, so ports have to cope with the increasing demand for LNG. Until now, German ports have been a little bit delayed in the installation of LNG infrastructure. Currently, a new LNG-terminal at Brunsbüttel, the western entrance to the Kiel Canal, is under construction.


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