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Field-specific Conventions in the Translation of Commercial Law Documentation for Court Proceedings


The paper presents findings gathered in an exploratory, descriptive, corpus-based analysis of a parallel corpus composed of English corporate documents and their translations into Polish with regard to the frequency-related, binary strategy distribution pattern. In general, the author posits a distinctiveness of interlingual communication in the domain of law, as delineated by the institutional and disciplinary framework. The material extracted from the corpus and studied for its generic features (author, forthcoming-a) points to the hermetic character of corporate written communication in English. The thesis to be verified is whether there are any tendencies in the distribution of the translation strategies in the corpus texts. The research question was operationalised via coding the corpus extracts according to the binary strategy division scheme. Further, the data have been discussed in reference to the sociocultural background of the communicative situation covered under the analysis in order to account for the translators’ motivation.

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