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Calibration of Hypoplastic Parameters for Danube Sand


The relationship between stress and strain tensors in soil is described by the soil constitutive equation, which depends on the soil type and deformation conditions. The development of various constitutive models has enabled a better understanding of the macromechanical properties of soil. One such model is hypoplasticity, which was discovered more than three decades ago. The purpose of this study is to determine whether hypoplasticity could accurately represent the behavior of Danube sand, a specific type of sand. The researchers conducted laboratory measurements to obtain the eight basic hypoplastic parameters of Danube sand and employed the intergranular strain concept as an extension of hypoplasticity to achieve a more precise material behavior. All the parameters were then utilized to simulate the cyclic triaxial test using the SoilTest Module of PLAXIS. The results showed that the hypoplastic constitutive simulation model for Danube sand was capable of making relatively accurate predictions for accumulative settlement.

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