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Polish Language Catholic Podcasts as a form of Religious Communication


Media are present today in many areas of human life, also in the sphere of faith. New ways of communicating of media content are emerging. Podcasts are an example of such a form. In this article, an attempt has been made to analyse radio podcasts concerning the faith as a form of religious communication. The aim of the research was to answer the question: Are radio podcasts concerning the topics of faith as a form of religious communication? If so, why and how do they do that? Additional questions were also established: What is religious communication? What are the characteristics of radio podcasts? What are the characteristics and content of the faith-themed podcasts? The concept of religious communication was defined in order to obtain answers to these questions. Then, the specificity of radio podcasts was shown, and, in the next part of the article, the author moved on to the identification and analysis of the content of popular Polish-language podcasts on the topics of faith.