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The Synergy Between Culture and Competitiveness: A Bibliometric Analysis


In today’s globalized world understanding the relationship between “culture and competitiveness” has become a significant area of research. The aim of this paper is to illustrate the synergistic interplay between „culture and competitiveness” through a bibliometric study that systematically examines the literature review. The data is collected from Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) during 1989-2022 and it is analyzed using VOSviewer software. The study results highlight the most important aspects of the “culture and competitiveness” literature, such as the leading countries, journals, authors, and keywords. Overall, this bibliometric analysis provides a comprehensive study of the research view pertaining to the relationship between “culture and competitiveness”. Moreover, this quantitative research outlines gaps and potential prospective study directions for future investigation. Our research outcomes provide valuable contributions to both academic and managerial domains, offering important implications for theory and practice approaches.