The article presents the types and classification of waste from the phosphorus industry of the Zhambyl region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Waste is classified by its use as recyclable materials for construction materials. The results of a comparative assessment of the physical, chemical and structural properties of the phosphorus industry waste are presented. The article shows that all studied types of waste have astringent properties and can be used as building materials. In this work, a study of the properties of large-tonnage wastes of the phosphorus industry was carried out: 1) electrothermophosphoric granular slag (granulated slag); 2) phosphogypsum; 3) overburden. A technology has been developed for producing non-fired binders from waste of the phosphorus industry and a methodology for designing the composition of raw mixtures of multicomponent building composites has been proposed.

Pilot tests and calculation of technical and economic indicators have been carried out, which have shown the economic feasibility of producing a non-firing binder for the construction industry from phosphorus production waste.

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