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Modelling the Combined Heat and Power Plants with Steam Turbines in the Study of Energy Security Problems


The paper considers the development of mathematical models of combined heat and power plants that are to be used while modelling the fuel and energy complex. Consideration is given to three methods of combined heat and power plant (CHP) modelling: The first method provides for the simplified modelling based on CHP aggregation in one energy zone; the second method is based on modelling the individual CHP using the accurate parameters of their equipment operation; the third method is based on the use of standard regime diagrams for modelling individual CHP. Analysis of the presented methods of CHP modelling revealed that the third method out of the three methods proposed is most appropriate for mathematical models of fuel and energy complex for studying the fuel and power supply reliability. The experimental part of the paper describes the process of deriving the analytical dependencies of electricity and heat generation versus fuel used by CHP that is obtained by the third method proposed.

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