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Mathematical Modelling of Volatile Gas Using Lattice Boltzmann Method


This study investigates the behaviour of pyrolysis gas, generated by the thermal decomposing of biomass, in a pilot size reactor. The discreet mathematical model, Lattice Boltzmann, has adopted for mathematical simulation of flow of pyrolysis gas across a porous bed of biomass. The effect of permeability, pressure gradient, voidage of bed, density, temperature, and the dynamic viscosity on the mass flow rate of gas is examined by simulating the gas flow across the fixed bed of hardwood. The Darcy equation is used to estimate the flow rate of gas across the fixed bed of hardwood chips. The temperature in the reactor varies from 32 °C to 600 °C. The reactor has an external diameter of 220 mm and the vertical height of 320 mm. Rockwool insulation is used to prevent heat loss across the reactor. The external heating element of 2 kWe was provided to trigger the pyrolysis reaction. The properties of the system have been recorded by the pressure and temperature sensors, which are retrofitted along the periphery of the reactor. The temperature sensors are located at 80 mm apart from each other; whereas the pressure sensor, placed at the bottom circumference of the reactor. The effect of input parameters on the flow properties of gas is also examined to add up the qualitative assessment of the system to biomass pyrolysis. The polytropic equation of gas is found to be PV2.051 = C, whereas the compressibility of gas varies from 0.0025–0.042 m2·N–1.

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