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Advancements in Thermal Energy Storage System by Applications of Nanofluid Based Solar Collector: A Review


In the recent years, a lot of research has been carried out in the field of nanofluid based solar collector, leading towards the enhancement of working efficiency even at low atmospheric temperature or at low sunlight levels regions of the world. The present review pertains to the research progress related to the performance execution of solar collector using nanofluid. It is observed that the thermal energy storage system (TES), using solar collector, is a useful device for storing sensible and latent heat in a unit volume. Nanofluid plays an important role in various thermal applications such as heat exchanger, solar power generation, automotive industries, electronic cooling system, etc. The nanoparticles find the use in various industrial applications because of its properties, such as thermal, mechanical, optical and electrical. Most of the investigations carried out earlier on the applications of nanofluid in solar energy are related to their uses in the solar collector and thermal storage system. The parabolic solar collector using nanofluid is still a challenge. This article presents an exhaustive review of thermal storage system using nanofluid based solar collector and a scope of using nanofluid based solar collector for performance enhancement.

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