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Investigation on Physicochemical Properties of Wastewater Grown Microalgae Methyl Ester and its Effects on CI Engine


Microalgae have been mentioned as a promising feedstock for biodiesel production. In this study, microalgae Chlorella vulgaris (MCV) was cultivated in a bioreactor with wastewater. After biodiesel production from MCV oil via transesterification reaction, chemical and physical properties of MCV methyl ester were evaluated with regular diesel and ASTM standard. Besides, engine performance and exhaust emissions of CI engine fuelled with the blends of diesel-biodiesel were measured. The GC-MS analysis showed that oleic and linoleic acids were the main fatty acid compounds in the MCV methyl ester. Engine test results revealed that the use of biodiesel had led to a major decrease in CO and HC emissions and a modest reduction in CO2 emissions, whereas there was a minor increase in NOx emissions. Furthermore, there was a slight decrease in the engine power and torque while a modest increase in brake specific fuel consumption which are acceptable due to exhaust emissions reduction. The experimental results illustrate considerable capabilities of applied MVC biodiesel as an alternative fuel in diesel engines to diminish the emissions.

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