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Between Realistic Disillusionment and Virtual Enchantment Critique of Denominational Barriers and Essays on a Vision for Intercommunion

   | May 31, 2022


This paper discusses intercommunion from a Protestant, post-Leuenbergian perspective. Its first section takes a realist view, discussing denominational barriers to intercommunion through an explanation of why ecumenical theology as doctrinal discourse seems to be at a deadlock, moving in a circle of two opposing hermeneutics with no common ground. The second section takes a visionary’s perspective, sketching three types of vision on the way to bridging denominational barriers and widening the understanding of intercommunion by a) taking counterfactual visions from biblical stories as encouraging narratives of intercommunion, b) suggesting a role for negative theology as a potential common ground leading to valuation and perspective-taking regarding different denominational teachings on communion and c) studying performances of present or potential practices signifying intercommunion in a broader scope of understanding.

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