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Review of Ecumenical Studies Sibiu

The Journal of Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu
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Publishing House and Owner: Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania

The Ecumenical Journal Sibiu (RES) is the academic journal of the Ecumenical Research Centre of Sibiu and serves both national and international ecumenical research, enjoying an international scientific support. The journal is issued three times per year, each issue dealing with a specific topic.

The initiative behind the founding of the RES journal is related to the ecumenical tradition of the city whose name it bears. In 2007, Sibiu was the cultural capital of Europe and home of the Third European Ecumenical Assembly. These events were not accidental, as Transylvania is characterized by a long tradition of tolerance between the various Christian denominations. There is no other region in Europe where Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestantism and Catholicism have shared for centuries the same political and geographical area.

RES aims to reflect international and Romanian theological academic work. The studies, articles and reviews published in it fall within the field of theology, but also include a multidisciplinary perspective: philosophy, history, ethics, social sciences etc. . Born in Sibiu, a symbol of multiethnic coexistence, interreligious tolerance and the confluence of several cultures, our journal aims to become a mouthpiece for research and global and local ecumenical projects. The Romanian and international authors are encouraged to express their own cultural and theological tradition in their continual quest for the dialogue with other cultural traditions and denominations. People shall thus understand that true identity develops only in dialogue, ecumenical dialogue playing a role in self-knowledge: when I meet the other, I understand better who I am myself. Removing false images, ecumenism does not lead to confusion and dilution of identity, but on the contrary - in this passage, through dialogue I go back to myself, changed by this encounter, enriched and strengthened in what I am. Thus, joint responsibility of all Christians shall manifest and strengthen regardless of the area they live in.


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