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Das 500. Reformationsjubiläum in rumänisch-orthodoxer Wahrnehmung. Barometer für den aktuellen Stand der Ökumenischen Bewegung?


In my article I would like to document assessments from the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in the perception of the Romanian Orthodoxy. From these evaluations, conclusions about the current position of Orthodoxy to Protestantism can be drawn. The focus is on a total of seven contributions. Two are from the online news portal of the Bucharest Patriarchate by Gheorghe Anghel and Aurelian Iftimiu. Three articles were published in the “Revista Teologică” from Theological Faculty in Sibiu by Daniel Buda & Aurel Pavel, Mihai Iordache and Maria Curtean. Finally, I’m referencing to two contributions published by the Bucharest theologian Cosmin Pricop in German-language publications.

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