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14 Sep 2008
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“New Kids on the Block” — The Game Changers. The Role of Immune Check Point Blockade in Personalised Treatment of Prostate, Urinary Bladder and Kidney Cancer

Published Online: 22 Jul 2021
Page range: 149 - 157
Received: 12 Jan 2021
Accepted: 02 Mar 2021
Journal Details
First Published
14 Sep 2008
Publication timeframe
6 times per year

Early detection and diagnosis of cancer followed by a personalised approach to treatment is a key and can save lives. It has been an important issue in both the medical and social fields. The search for instruments and/or diagnostics tools able to detect cancers at an early stage has led to consideration of the usage of various approaches, such as exhaled air, biomarkers in blood, urine testing as well as imaging techniques. This actual time and everything that is happening around us could be characterised as a strange and very unpredictable time. This comparison could be made not only due to the actual coronavirus situation, but also the same can be noticed in the personalised medicine of the second decade of 21st century — by means of check point inhibitors. The old dogmas, for instance, chemotherapy and metastasis-surgery are being appended with new diagnostic and therapy use of checkpoint inhibitors. What exactly is the checkpoint blockade and how it is working in three tumour modalities: bladder cancer, prostate cancer and renal cancer. Our study group will provide a brief and detailed, guideline-compliant outline. The aim of this review was to provide a summary of the current state of the art of immune therapy as potential treatment of prostate, urinary bladder, and kidney cancer.


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