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08 Sep 2014
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Brachial Plexus Injuries – Review of the Anatomy and the Treatment Options

Published Online: 23 Apr 2021
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08 Sep 2014
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Brachial plexus injuries are still challenging for every surgeon taking part in treating patients with BPI. Injuries of the brachial plexus can be divided into injuries of the upper trunk, extended upper trunk, injuries of the lower trunk and swinging hand where all of the roots are involved in this type of the injury. Brachial plexus can be divided in five anatomical sections from its roots to its terminal branches: roots, trunks, division, cords and terminal branches. Brachial plexus ends up as five terminal branches, responsible for upper limb innervation, musculocutaneous, median nerve, axillary nerve, radial and ulnar nerve. According to the findings from the preoperative investigation combined with clinically found functional deficit, the type of BPI will be confirmed and that is going to determine which surgical procedure, from variety of them (neurolysis, nerve graft, neurotization, arthrodesis, tendon transfer, free muscle transfer, bionic reconstruction) is appropriate for treating the patient.


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