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Synthesis and mechanical and thermal properties of multiblock terpoly(ester-ether-amide) thermoplastic elastomers with variable mole ratio of ether and amide block


A series of the terpolymers of poly[(trimethylene terephthalate)-block-(oxytetramethylene)-block-laurolactam] with a variable molar ratio of ether and amide block and constant molecular weights of PA12 = 2000 g/mole and PTMO = 1000 g/mole have been obtained. The influence of changes of these molar ratios on the functional properties and the values of phase change temperatures of the products have been determined. The thermal properties and the phase separation of obtained systems were defined by DSC, DMTA and WAXS methods. The chemical structure of obtained materials was studied by FT-IR and 13C NMR methods. The mechanical and elastic properties of these polymers were evaluated.

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