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Why Much of the Liberal Left Can Now be Termed ‘Regressive’: Discourses on Trump, Immigration, and Islam

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Islam and Islamism. The Challenge for Modern Liberal Democracies. Issue Editors: Raphael Lataster, Rumy Hasan


We find much of the discourse from the soi disant progressive politicians, media and academy to be misinformed, hypocritical, and even regressive. This applies to discussions about politicians such as President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and especially concerns the issues of Islam and immigration. We argue that much of the contemporary liberal left appears to be more intolerant, more Orwellian, than its traditional rivals on the right [while recognising that there are differences between those who describe themselves as ‘liberals’ or ‘leftists’, including moderate left, centre left, far left etc., we have decided to use the portmanteau ‘liberal left’ as this equates to the more generally agreed upon signifier ‘progressive’].

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Theology and Religion, General Topics and Biblical Reception