A variety of magnetic fishing tools poses the task of the optimal choice of tool for eliminating accidents during the construction, operation and repair of wells. Existing criteria for assessing the quality of fishing magnets are characterized by the complexity of the determination and the ambiguity of the results. Therefore, the aim of research is development of a new approach to determining the technical level of fishing tools of various types and designs. A complex criterion has been developed that allows to evaluate the technical level of magnetic systems by correlating the actual and theoretical values of the total and specific lifting forces. Also it has been carried out a qualimetric analysis of magnetic tools, which are currently offered by world manufacturers. As a result, mathematical models are found that describe the average and modern world level of devices with specific lifting force. Technical decisions are proposed, the implementation of which in the design of magnetic systems of fishing tools will allow to achieve high values of lifting force. Application of the proposed complex criterion along with the results of qualimetric analysis will make it possible to objectively assess the technical level of magnetic fishing tools both at the design stage and during serial production.