1. bookVolume 38 (2020): Issue 1 (March 2020)
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First Published
16 Apr 2011
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4 times per year
access type Open Access

Direct formation of ZnO nanorods by hydrothermal process: study on its optical properties and electron transport

Published Online: 08 May 2020
Volume & Issue: Volume 38 (2020) - Issue 1 (March 2020)
Page range: 91 - 96
Received: 26 Jul 2018
Accepted: 23 Apr 2019
Journal Details
First Published
16 Apr 2011
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

We report a new direct fabrication of the ZnO nanorods (NR) by hydrothermal method, in which the preparation of seed layer is eliminated. We show that the tuning of initial temperature rate during the hydrothermal process plays a key role in the structural modification of the ZnO NR. A highly oriented ZnO NR is successfully fabricated by using a low rate of initial temperature. The increase of optical absorption and electron transport was obtained by reducing the diameter and increasing distribution of the ZnO NR on the substrate. Interestingly, an additional absorption from the defects is obtained in the system, which plays an important role in expanding the optical absorption. Our system will provide a favourable characteristic for developing the high-performance optoelectronic devices with high optical absorption and high electron transport.


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