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03 Apr 2012
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Simulation of boronizing kinetics of ASTM A36 steel with the alternative kinetic model and the integral method

Published Online: 12 Jun 2021
Page range: 33 - 39
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First Published
03 Apr 2012
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4 times per year

In this study, two different mathematical models have been proposed for estimating the diffusivities of boron in the Fe2B layer on ASTM A36 steel in the range of 1173 to 1273 K with exposure times of 2 to 8 h. The boride incubation period required for the formation of such a layer was constant regardless of the boriding conditions. In both approaches, the boron diffusivity in the iron phase was considered in an unsaturated matrix. The first approach was derived from the mass balance equation at the (Fe2B/substrate) interface while the second approach employed the integral diffusion model. The calculated values of boron activation energies for ASTM A36 steel were found to be very comparable for the two approaches (161.65 and 160.96 and kJ mol-1). Afterwards, these values of activation energy were confronted with the results from the literature. Experimental validation of these two approaches has been done by comparing the experimental value of Fe2B layer thickness measured at 1123 K for 2.5 h with the simulated values. Finally, the predicted values of Fe2B layer thickness were in line with the experimental measurement.

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