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The Threat that is Represented by the Unauthorized Flight of the Rpas and the Anti-Drone Systems


The unauthorized flights of the RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) represent serious threats to the security of the aircraft with human crew on board, to the security of the troops in the theatre of operations as well as to the critical infrastructures and why not to the security of the civilian population. The purpose of the study was to identify which events have occurred recently related to RPAS and which of these represent real challenges to security and defense. Specific regulations and standards are not enough to control the RPAS phenomenon. I used specialized documents and studies, information and conclusions presented by the media, comparative analysis as research methods. Also, I highlighted the risks represented by RPAS. I have presented in chronological order some of the events that have taken place lately related to the use of RPAS, to demonstrate their wide spectrum of use. Even if several C-RPAS systems are installed (for anti-drone protection), an important area cannot be secured if you do not have enough systems capable of covering the entire restricted airspace. The development of anti-drone systems (C-RPAS) is rapidly required.