Objective: Comprehensive overview of the most current topics, trends and scientific production in the field of behavioral accounting.

Method: A bibliometric approach was applied to analyze data extracted from the Scopus database covering the period 2013–2022. R software and VOS viewer were used to determine the relevant parameters of the studied papers and create scientific maps of collocations.

Findings: An analysis of selected 270 papers has shown that behavioral accounting is a rather scattered area both in terms of publication outputs as well as the conceptual apparatus, including the keywords used by scientists dealing with such issues. This makes it much more challenging to synthesize its output to date and probably slows down the process of crystallizing its scientific identity.

Value Added: It is a diagnosis of the current state of the art within behavioral accounting that can be treated as a continuation of the literature reviews made so far by means of more “manual” methods; however, the first performed with the use of bibliometric tools and devoted exclusively to that topic.

Recommendations: It would benefit the field’s development if researchers parameterized their outputs to facilitate the synthesis of the current state of knowledge within behavioral accounting.

Publication timeframe:
4 times per year
Journal Subjects:
Business and Economics, Business Management, Management, Organization, Corporate Governance, other