Pratylenchus is one of the most limiting nematodes of Musaceae production in the world. Knowledge of the nematode species is one of the requirements for its management in the field. This study aimed to identify up to the species level Pratylenchus populations associated with plantain and banana crops in the states of Caldas, Quindío, and Valle del Cauca in Colombia. In these regions, Pratylenchus has been reported to affect these crops in the past, but with records of the nematode only up to the genus level. For this purpose, five populations of Pratylenchus extracted from samples composed of roots and rhizospheric soil, four from plantain and one from banana, were identified through morphological, morphometric, and molecular analysis (sequencing of the D2D3 of rRNA and cytochrome oxidase subunit I of mtDNA). All populations were identified as P. araucensis, a species reported previously in eastern Colombia, and one that the present study found in the center and southwest of the country, indicating that this species of nematode is widely distributed in the Musaceae-producing areas of Colombia. The present study reports the first COI mtDNA sequences for this species of nematode.

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