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A single-layer metallo-dielectric superstructure for enhancing the performances of EBG cavity antenna


A novel single-layer metallo-dielectric superstructure is proposed in this paper. It is constructed by two asymmetric unit- cells optimally arranged on the same layer to construct a partially reflective surface to be placed over a multilayer microstrip slot antenna named feed antenna for enhancing its performances. The radiation is expected to be maximum at the center of the formed layer. Thus, to maintain a high-gain performance, the unit-cells placed at the center are designed to provide a quasi-optimal reflection phase with high reflectivity at the frequency band of interest. A prototype of the proposed antenna operating at 10 GHz with overall size of 2.133λ0 ×2.133λ0 ×0.56λ0 is successfully designed and fabricated. The calculated and measured antenna gain results indicate that the proposed antenna exhibits a wider radiation bandwidth performance of about 41.15% and 36.15%, respectively.

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