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Measures to reduce stress in the workplace – results from focus group interviews with health professionals / Maßnahmen zur Reduktion von Stress am Arbeitsplatz – Resultate aus Fokusgruppeninterviews mit Gesundheitsfachpersonen



Stress and poor working conditions can affect the health and satisfaction of health professionals. Until now, the perspective of the staff has not been sufficiently considered in the development of solutions. The aim was to capture the wishes and recommendations of health professionals that could contribute to an improvement of the work situation from their perspective.


Semistructured focus group interviews with health professionals (nurses, midwifes, medical-technical-therapeutic professions and physicians) were conducted and analyzed using knowledge mapping and a deductive approach.


Between June and November 2018, 128 health professionals from Swiss acute hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, and outpatient services participated in a total of 24 focus group interviews. They expressed the need to incorporate wishes into staff scheduling and to address vacation planning at an early stage. Other suggestions were to be able to take advantage of further training opportunities and to live a positive feedback and error culture, as well as to establish a clear division of roles and tasks.


The healthcare staff interviewed showed clear ideas about what should be improved to reduce workload. There is a great need for action in the general conditions as well as in leadership and management.

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