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Thoughts on law, money, spirit and headwinds in academization in Switzerland / (K)Ein Wunschkind, das Karriere macht - Gedanken zu Gesetz, Geld, Geist und Gegenwind bei der Akademisierung in der Schweiz

   | Dec 03, 2021


This article presents the academization of the health professions in Switzerland in a historical and political context. Pro- and con-arguments for academization at that time and still cited are listed. A one-to-one comparison with Germany is not possible, but some points of reflection can be used to formulate strategies: Distribution of tasks between physicians and the therapeutic and nursing professions; political will with visions for linking education and health policy; financial incentives with targets. But also universities of applied sciences and professional associations have to make their contribution. This article is based on the presentation with the same title given at the VFWG symposium «Bachelor's degree programs in Austria and Switzerland: models for the therapy and nursing professions in Germany?» on September 8, 2021.

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