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Nursing and therapy professions to the universities! Documentation of the online symposia «Are dual degree programs in midwifery a model for the therapy professions?» and «Bachelor degree programs in Austria and Switzerland: models for the therapy and nursing professions in Germany?» held on March 18, and September 8, 2021. / Pflege- und Therapieberufe an die Hochschulen! Dokumentation der Online-Symposien «Sind duale Studiengänge der Hebammen ein Modell für die Therapieberufe?» und «Bachelor-Studiengänge in Österreich und der Schweiz: Modelle für die Therapie- und Pflegeberufe in Deutschland?» vom 18. März und 8. September 2021


The Verein zur Förderung der Wissenschaft in den Gesundheitsberufen VFWG (Association for the Promotion of Science VFWG) organized two online symposia on the status of the academization in Germany, where only midwives are trained at universities of applied sciences since 2020 forced by EU regulations. Nursing and therapy professions are still subject to the model clause, which has been extended until 2024. In Austria and Switzerland, the education for the therapy professions is located entirely at universities of applied sciences, and for those for nursing and the medical-technical professions in part. The first symposium discussed whether so-called dual courses of study could be a model for the therapy professions in Germany. The second symposium asked whether Austrian and Swiss way could provide arguments for the academization of the health professions in Germany. This article introduces the topic; the following articles document the contributions of various authors to the symposia.

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