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10 Jul 2007
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The phytosociology, ecology, and plant diversity of new plant communities in Central Anatolia (Turkey)

Published Online: 07 Feb 2020
Volume & Issue: Volume 19 (2020) - Issue 1 (June 2020)
Page range: 1 - 22
Received: 13 Feb 2019
Accepted: 23 Sep 2019
Journal Details
First Published
10 Jul 2007
Publication timeframe
2 times per year

The Central Anatolian vegetation has diverse site conditions and small-scale plant diversity. For this reason, identification of plant communities is important for understanding their ecology and nature conservation. This study aims to contribute the syntaxonomical classification of the Central Anatolian vegetation. The study area is situated among Güzelyurt, Narköy, and Bozköy (Niğde) in the east of Aksaray province of Central Anatolia in Turkey. The vegetation data were collected using the phytosociological method of Braun-Blanquet and classified using TWINSPAN. The ecological characteristics of the units were investigated with Detrended Correspondence Analysis. Three new plant associations were described in the study. The steppe association was included in Onobrychido armenae-Thymetalia leucostomi and Astragalo microcephali-Brometea tomentelli. The forest-steppe association was classified under Quercion anatolicae in Quercetea pubescentis. The riparian association is the first poplar-dominated one described in Turkey and, classified under Alno glutinosae-Populetea albae and its alliance Populion albae.


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