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Enikő Dácz und Christina Rossi, Hgg. Wendemanöver. Beiträge zum Werk Richard Wagners. Mit literarischen Texten von Felicitas Hoppe, Johann Lippet und Richard Wagner. IKGS/Verlag Friedrich Pustet, 2018.


This edited volume is in part based on a conference organized at the West-Timisoara University in October 2016. The conference marked the 60th anniversary of the establishment of a German program at this university, and dedicated a section to the life and work of Richard Wagner, an alumnus of this very department, promotion of 1975. As Enikő Dácz und Christina Rossi explain, the essays have been organized chronologically according to aesthetic and thematic considerations, taking into account Wagner’s early poems and short prose, his essayistic and novelistic works. Given the scant Wagner scholarship, this book is meant as an invitation to discover and to inspire further research on this author’s multifaceted and challenging work.

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