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Publishing House and Owner: Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania

The “Germanistische Beiträge” is an international scientific journal, published by the Chair for German Studies of the “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu, Romania. It publishes articles fro an array of scholars and researchers in the Field of German Studies, from around the world, covering areas such as German Literature, Language, Cultural Studies, together with their various sub-areas and providing a special focus on the culture, literature and language particularities of the Saxon minority in Transylvania – the central part of Romania, but also of the other German-speaking minorities in and around Romania, in regions such as Banat, Bucovina etc.

"Germanistische Beiträge " is an double blind peer reviewed journal. The journal has no article processing chargers (APCs) nor article submission charges.

More information on peer-review process in Guidelines for Reviewers.

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The Germanistische Beiträge journal (ISSN 1454-5144) is a biannual philological publication which brings to its audience the academic findings of professionals, university teachers and doctoral students.

The journal’s main objectives are:

  • spreading the results of advanced research in the field of German Philology;
  • collecting and publishing the research results of the German Philology doctoral school;
  • making available findings from the field of intercultural research and Cultural Studies;
  • attracting Cultural Studies research articles;
  • publishing original articles of fundamental and applied research;
  • publishing of reviews of new books and current developments;
  • presenting case studies;
  • presenting information about academic events;
  • facilitating bonds between research centers in the field of philology;
  • being a platform for interdisciplinary research.

The relevance of the journal’s scope

The Germanistische Beiträge journal fundamentally promotes the systematic and transdisciplinary research of German language, literature and culture (in/from Romania), but it also publishes contributions to the development of literary and cultural studies, studies of literary criticism and literary and cultural theory, and works from the field of translation science, didactics and teaching methodology.


  • Research into the evolution of German language and literature in Romania
  • Centers, phenomena and literary motifs in their evolution
  • Interculturality and multilingualism in Transylvania. Romanian-German intercultural relationships
  • Cultural identity and cultural exchanges
  • Studies into Saxon ethnography and folklore
  • Contributions from Transylvanian scholars
  • Traditions and customs of the German community in Romania
  • Intercultural communication and linguistical/cultural exchanges
  • Reception of foreign literature in Romania
  • Reception of Romanian authors within the German cultural domain
  • Reception of German-language literature from Romania in the common European domain
  • Literary translations. Challenges to translation practices
  • Mono- and bilingual lexicography
  • Public discourse and the language of the media
  • Intercultural communication in the field of economics
  • Specialized languages
  • Foreign languages in a united Europe
  • Cultural and linguistical policies


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Plagiarism Policy

The editorial board is participating in a growing community of Similarity Check System's users in order to ensure that the content published is original and trustworthy. Similarity Check is a medium that allows for comprehensive manuscripts screening, aimed to eliminate plagiarism and provide a high standard and quality peer-review process.

Publication timeframe:
2 times per year
Journal Subjects:
Linguistics and Semiotics, Applied Linguistics, other, Languages of Australia, Pama–Nyungan Languages