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Reversal of Diabetic Complications in Andrology Parameters of Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Male Wistar Rats Treated with Cleome rutidosperma Leaves


Male infertility is one of the complications associated with diabetes mellitus. This study reported the effect of managing experimentally-induced diabetes in male Wistar rats with Cleome rutidosperma leaf extract at doses of 100−1, 200−1 or 400−1 for 14 days. Further deterioration or amelioration of reproductive derangement was assessed by changes in sperm morphology, sperm characteristics, and testicular histo-pathology. Andrology profile of diabetic untreated rats showed significant (P < 0.05) derangements compared to normoglycaemic rats. The profile of diabetic rats treated with the extract of C. rutidosperma, especially at the 200−1 dose showed a significant decrease in abnormal sperm cells, increases in sperm motility, live/ dead ratio and count compared to the untreated diabetic rats. Histopathology showed spermatogenic arrest and degeneration of Sertoli cells in the diabetic untreated rats, but was restored in the C. rutidosperma treated rats. This study showed evidence of infertility associated with diabetes and the ameliorative ability of C. rutidosperma on infertility demonstrated by improved andrological parameters. Traditional management of diabetes with C. rutidosperma leaves should therefore be encouraged in both humans and other animals, especially males with reproductive intentions.

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