The concentrations of Co were determined in the hydrological cycle (in maquis and fir forests), litterfall and soils in maquis, oak, beech and fir forests. The concentrations in the hydrological cycle were characterized by high variability. The concentrations in soil solution were much higher than those in the bulk deposition and throughfall. The contribution of the earth’s’ crust in the bulk deposition enrichment with Co was not high but some minor quantities of Co can be considered to be transported in long distances. The concentrations of Co in litterfall were high in the fraction composed of lichens, flowers and mosses, especially in the fir forest. The total content of Co was significantly higher in the soils derived from mica schist than those in the flysch. The residence time of Co in the forest floor was rather long. This is an indication that weathering in the mineral layers plays an important role in providing Co for plant uptake.

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