Soil quality issues, together with issues related to healthy food, are becoming key areas of interest at the European level. Both spheres play an important role in the formulation of EU policies such as the EU Common Agricultural Policy, EU Agri–environmental Policy, EU Food Policy but also EU Health Policy. For this reason, deepening knowledge and exchanging experiences in these areas seem to be necessary preconditions for finding ways to respond to current challenges and problems. The project “Quality Soil as a Pathway to Healthy Food in the EU”, acronym FOODIE, also reacts on the mentioned issues. The main aim of the project is to foster an expertise dialogue between the crucial experts (academics, public authorities, professionals from practice) in the field of food/feed management in the EU affecting the achieving the objectives of correlated EU policies and recently adopted European Green Deal.

The presented paper is of a disseminating nature and aims to acquaint the reader with the mentioned project.