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Industry 4.0: New challenges for the labor market and working conditions as a result of emergence of robots and automation


Subject and purpose of work:

The paper is discussing the challenges presented by Industry 4.0, specifically in relation to the potential loss of jobs due to automation. The article explores how middle-skilled jobs are more likely to be affected adversely by automation and how the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as automation, AI, and IoT is expected to bring about extensive automation and irreversible changes to employment opportunities.

Materials and methods:

As this paper is a review of previous research articles, the authors have collected several journal articles.


The authors highlight how Industry 4.0 is expected to change working conditions and the nature of work and raises concerns about job insecurity and the erosion of traditional employment relations.


The paper suggests that to tackle these challenges, policymakers and employers must be aware of the potential impacts of automation and Industry 4.0 on different types of occupations and take steps to mitigate any negative effects, and invest in retraining programs, implement policies that support the fair distribution of the benefits of automation and promoting the skills needed for the future of work.