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Constraints in credit accessibility from primary agricultural cooperative societies in Haryana state, India


Subject and purpose of work:

The objective of the study was to identify the constraints in credit accessibility from Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies in Haryana State, India.

Materials and methods:

The primary data were used for achieving the objective of the study. The primary data were collected in the second quarter of 2022 by employing the schedule. The multistage purposive cum proportionate random sampling techniques were adopted to select a sample of 540 respondents. The percentage was used for data analysis.


The constraints in accessing credit are identified faced by beneficiary farmers and nonbeneficiary farmers. The major constraints faced by the beneficiary farmers in accessing credit from PACS are inadequate credit limit (87.40%), short time to repayment of loan (66.29%), high penalty rate (55.92%), and unavailability of medium-term loans (50.00%). While inadequate credit limit (80.00%), no new accounts opened (72.22%) and fear of being a defaulter (47.78%) were the major constraints faced by the non-beneficiary farmers in accessing credit from PACS.


The various constraints were identified in accessing credit from PACS. Credit limits should be extended on the basis of the scale of the finance. Medium-term loans need to be increased.