Recent research indicates that more and more often tourists use the Madeira Natural Park (MNP) area to develop their physical activity, through mountain hiking and Levada walks. This study aims at identifying tourists’ characteristics and to understand how visitors live their experience. A survey was carried out at the end of two different activities and the sample was divided into two groups (G1: Levada Walks in the Laurissilva; G2: Walks outside the Laurissilva). The data was collected immediately after the activity ended (total: 293; male: 124; female: 169) and people were asked about: 1. Information available at the start of the activity; 2. Interaction and attention demand; 3. Natural area visited. The data indicates that the Madeira tourists have higher education, many are students and teachers, the majority being European. Our tourists are well informed about the natural environment and more than 90% agreed that it was ideal for aesthetic enjoyment and inspiring exploration. Our findings can help the tourist agents to improve their products, encourage the agencies to attract new markets outside Europe and can work as a basis for providing more guidance in the MNP, promoting a higher ‘flow experience’.