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Further Investigations into the Metabolism of Endosulfan l, Endosulfan ll and Endosulfan Sulfate in Tobacco Leaf


Tobacco plants were separately treated with 0.75 lb./acre and 1.50 lbs./acre of endosulfan I, endosulfan II and endosulfan sulfate. Leaves from the tobacco plants were analysed for endosulfan and its metabolites at the harvesting stage, and later, when flue-cured. From the residue data obtained we conclude that [1] In green tobacco leaf endosulfan I, found in very small amounts, is the only metabolite of endosulfan sulfate, and that endosulfan II is the main endosulfan sulfate metabolite in flue-cured tobacco leaf; [2] The loss of residues during the curing process depends largely on the residue level of this pesticide in the green tobacco leaf: [3] The loss of pesticide during the curing process is mainly due to volatilization; and [4] Smallest amounts of residues are left in tobacco Ieaf with endosulfan I treatments.

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