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Fuzzy Neutrosophic Soft Set Based Transfer-Q-Learning Scheme for Load Balancing in Uncertain Grid Computing Environments


Effective load balancing is tougher in grid computing compared to other conventional distributed computing platforms due to its heterogeneity, autonomy, scalability, and adaptability characteristics, resource selection and distribution mechanisms, and data separation. Hence, it is necessary to identify and handle the uncertainty of the tasks and grid resources before making load balancing decisions. Using two potential forms of Hidden Markov Models (HMM), i.e., Profile Hidden Markov Model (PF_HMM) and Pair Hidden Markov Model (PR_HMM), the uncertainties in the task and system parameters are identified. Load balancing is then carried out using our novel Fuzzy Neutrosophic Soft Set theory (FNSS) based transfer Q-learning with pre-trained knowledge. The transfer Q-learning enabled with FNSS solves large scale load balancing problems efficiently as the models are already trained and do not need pre-training. Our expected value analysis and simulation results confirm that the proposed scheme is 90 percent better than three of the recent load balancing schemes.

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Computer Sciences, Information Technology