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Analysis Of Hotspots In The Field Of Domestic Knowledge Discovery Based On Co-Word Analysis Method


In this paper, choosing highly frequent keywords from core journals in the field of 1992-2013 national knowledge discovery in CNKI database, counting the number of two frequent keywords co-occurrences in the same journal, then constructing the highly frequent keywords matrix, and transforming the highly frequent keywords matrix into a correlation matrix and a dissimilarity matrix, we analyze the dissimilarity matrix based on the use of factor analysis, cluster analysis. After discussing the results of the analysis, we found that the current hotspots in the field of domestic knowledge discovery have focused on the following six aspects, knowledge discovery based on data research, knowledge discovery algorithm optimization research, the model of knowledge discovery and references research, knowledge management based on domain ontology, expert system construction research, and applied research of the knowledge discovery. Finally, we summarized the research hotspots in the field of international knowledge discovery in the same way and suggested the domestic scholars to extend some directions of the research in the field of knowledge discovery.

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