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A Unified Modeling Language-Based Design And Application For A Library Management Information System


This paper firstly introduces the main content of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and proves that it can transmit information among the users, the developers, the designers and the managers efficiently, which improves their collaboration capabilities and greatly increases the degree of industrialization in software development projects. Secondly, a library management system development and design is carried out, based on UML modeling mechanism to analyze a simple library management system. Thirdly, a demand analysis mode of the management system is built with the help of a case diagram and an analysis diagram after analysis of a simple library management system, using UML modeling mechanism. Then a book lending management subsystem has been designed in the library management system by a design class diagram and a sequence diagram. The design process indicates that as a modeling language of software engineering, UML has a very good application prospect.

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Computer Sciences, Information Technology