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Within the world of demicontractive mappings. In Memoriam Professor Ştefan Măruşter (1937-2017)


Professor Ştefan Măruşter, an outstanding Romanian mathematician and computer scientist, passed away on December 24th 2017. The aim of this note is to present some relevant information on his life and impressive professional activity. Most of the material included here is taken from the conference presentations [Berinde, V., In honour and celebration of the 80th birthday of Professor Ştefan Măruşter, Plenary lecture, Ceremony in honour of Professor Ştefan Măruşter’s 80th birthday, SYNASC 2017, September 23rd, 2017] and [Berinde, V., Păcurar, M., On some contributions of Professor Ştefan Măruşter to the study of demicontractive type mappings, Workshop “Iterative Approximation of Fixed Points”, SYNASC 2017, September 22nd, 2017].

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