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Construction of comprehensive evaluation index system of water-saving irrigation project integrating penman Montei the quation

   | Jul 15, 2022


In order to solve the post evaluation system construction of high-efficiency and water-saving irrigation projects, this paper puts forward the research significance of post evaluation technology of high-efficiency and water-saving irrigation projects, summarizes the research status and development trends of post evaluation of projects at home and abroad, and analyzes the existing post evaluation theories and research methods. Based on the actual situation of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation projects, the post evaluation index system of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation projects is constructed from five aspects: construction process, operation management, economy, impact, goal and sustainability by using the method of combining expert questionnaire survey and statistical theory; Study the advantages, disadvantages and scope of application of the existing post project evaluation index weight determination methods and evaluation methods, put forward five single post evaluation standards: post construction process evaluation, post operation management evaluation, post economic evaluation, post impact evaluation, post objective and sustainability evaluation, determine the evaluation process and form five single post evaluation models. Based on the five individual post evaluation models, the project success evaluation model is constructed to form the "5 + 1" post evaluation model of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation project. Taking a high-efficiency water-saving irrigation project as an example, the application process of post evaluation index system and evaluation model of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation project is given, and the feasibility of applying the index system and evaluation model proposed in this paper to production practice is analyzed.

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