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Research on innovative strategies of college students’ English teaching under the blessing of big data

   | Oct 21, 2022


The rapid development of modern society is inseparable from information technology, and most of this information technology is based on big data, which makes the teaching field in the new era keep pace with the times and brings great changes to the academic activities in which teachers and students participate, as well as to the quality of their thinking skills, and thus, likely even their overall lives. Under the background of big data, through the effective application of relevant technologies, students’ learning is no longer limited to a relatively single traditional teaching level, and teaching needs strategic innovation. This paper improves the mathematical model of precision teaching strategy, establishes the empirical model of the optimal mode of College English teaching based on big data and puts forward relevant innovative teaching methods. Through the rational use of big data technology, the content and form of College English classroom teaching can be improved, so as to improve the quality of College English teaching.

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