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Validity and reliability analysis of the Chinese version of planned happenstance career inventory based on mathematical statistics

 and    | May 20, 2022


To revise the Chinese version of Planned Happenstance Career Inventory (PHCI), a total of 1161 college students were recruited in the study, among whom 327 were used for item analysis and exploratory factor analysis (EFA), 568 for further confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and internal consistency reliability analysis, and 266 were retested after a four-week interval for test-retest reliability analysis. Occupational Development Contingency Scale (ODCS), CAAS-China were chosen as the criterion-related indication. The scale consisted of 20 items, and the EFA produced five factors, which accumulatively explained the variance of total variance by 58.15%. The CFA showed that the 5-factor model fits well. The internal consistency reliability of sample measurement was 0.862, retest reliability coefficients was 0.871, and the split-half reliability coefficients was 0.733. The Chinese version of PHCI has acceptable reliability and validity and can be used to measure career planning for Chinese college students.

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